About Us


Erin 2014Erin Palmer; Owner, instructor & Janitor. Erin grew up in a wine loving family in Eugene and moved to Portland in 1997. She has been working retail and hospitality for over 20 years and loves the wine business. With a specialty in food and wine pairing, and a wicked sense of humor, she’s Portland’s go-to-gal for wine events and education. Contact: Wine@PortlandWineCellar.com
Melissa 2014Melissa Stanton is our house-chef and we couldn’t be more proud. Melissa, better known around here as “Mama Stanton” was our caterer at the old shop and when we moved, became our house chef. She is best known for her amazing pastries and desserts, but is one of the most well-rounded chefs I’ve ever known. Melissa spent her youth in New York which means that she comes to us with a diverse set of recipes and a love of classic Italian foods. She’s fearless and competent, we love giving her new challenges.
Laurie 2014Laurie Elkjer is our Executive Assistant & Media Relations Coordinator. The truth is that Laurie is not only an urban chicken farmer, but she also runs everything at the shop except the wine selections. Laurie manages the shop from the events & tasting schedule to the website, to the pub mix. If its important you might want to talk to Laurie, she’ll know what to do. Contact:events@portlandwinecellar.com
Rob 2014Rob Messick joined The Wine Cellar after ten years of wine experience at The Castron Village Wine Shop in San Francisco. Rob is the lead hospitality host at The Wine Cellar and has a passion for California wines. If you’re looking for a great lead host for your party or just some advice of the best hidden gems of Cali, ask Rob. Rob works Wednesday-Saturday evenings.
Belle 2014Belle joined The Wine Cellar team in August of 2013 as a member of the hospitality staff. She has a long history of hospitality and client services which prepared her to be fast, friendly, and efficient here at the shop. We are delighted she landed with us while going back to school to further her education in business marketing. Plus, we benefit from letting her practice her new business and marketing skills on the shop!
Cameron CrookCameron Crook has been part of the Wine Cellar family since 2010. Primarily working special events and parties, Cameron brings a great personality along with his love of PacNW wines and a great passion for high-end cuisine. If you’re looking for a friendly and efficient event host, Cameron just might be the perfect person for your party.
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