Non-Profit Events

Sip for Service – The Wine Cellar Fundraising Opportunity

At the Wine Cellar we try to be very good community partners. This means, that while we cannot make in-kind donations to every wonderful nonprofit who seeks support we can offer another avenue of fundraising for groups. As of 2007 we started offering Private Wine Tasting & Sales Event. We call these events “Sip for Service”.

The Sip for Service program is designed to be a true win-win solution to the fundraising dilemma. The nonprofit is able to make money in two ways; first they are able to make the bulk of the money by selling tickets to the private event and second they are able to raise additional funds by receiving a portion of the proceeds of the wine sales made at the event. At the same time, The Wine Cellar is able to win by having new wine lovers introduced to the shop at the time of the Sip for Service event.

The average nonprofit has been making between $900-1,200 for a single event.

Ticket Sales

Groups are asked to sell tickets for a price of $20-30 per ticket with a minimum of 20 tickets to be sold (and a maximum of 35 tickets). That money is retained by the nonprofit organization, less a $5 per guest charge. Most groups sell 30 tickets at $30 each.

Profit Sharing

Groups are given 10% of the sales amount, after the first $500 in sales. There is no percentage paid on the first $500 in sales, as that helps offset the overhead of the event that is incurred by the shop. Most groups sell between $2,000-4,000 at a single event.

Many groups enjoy this type of event because there is limited risk to them. Here are some things organizations need to know about this event:

Sip for Service events are charged a nominal rate of $5 per guest. This includes use of the shop, wine samples for the tasting, and the staff member who works the event.

Profit sharing is paid to the group, via check, on the first business day after the event.
The organizations are responsible for the following parts of the event:
Selling tickets in advance to the event, with a predetermined event date.
NO outside food can be brought in- all must come from us or a licensed kitchen if the food has been donated.
Providing a deposit of $50 to hold the date. That $50 deposit is refunded at the completion of an event or with notice of cancellation of at least 21 days.

Tickets are to be sold in advance of the event in a way that represents that this is not only a wine tasting, but also a wine sales event. This is important in order to make sure that these types of events are able to pay for themselves by having at least a minimum of sales that will cover the overhead of these events.
Providing the ticket holders with a reminder phone call or email before the event.

We look forward to working with you and your organization. We believe very strongly that we all have to work towards a happier, healthier, safer, and more educated local and international community. Please contact Erin at (503) 643-5655 or email to schedule your event. Oh, and keep up the good work!