Catering Menu

Event and Party Meal Selections at The Wine Cellar
We can customize your party; if this menu doesn’t meet your needs we can work with you.
Selections are priced per guest with a minimum order of 10 pieces per selection.

Soups & Stews:
$5 Savory tomato bisque vegetarian, Gluten Free
$5 Warm and hearty potato leak vegetarian, Gluten Free
$6 Hearty wild mushroom soup vegetarian & Gluten Free available,
typically contains chicken stock
$7 Housemade fall chili turkey or beef available, Gluten Free

Veggies & Salads:
$4 Housemade gourmet coleslaw* Vegetarian, Gluten Free
$5 Well dressed Pacific NW mixed-greens salad* Vegan available,
typically contains cheese and bacon, Gluten Free
$5 Cold quinoa with apples, celery, onions…* Vegan available,
typically contains chicken stock, Gluten Free
$6 Roasted and tender mixed fall squash Vegan available, typically
contains butter, Gluten Free
$6 Individual wedge or Caprese salad Vegetarian available, typically
contains bacon, Gluten Free
$6 Greek salad Vegetarian, typically contains feta

Side Dishes:
$6 Wild mushroom risotto Vegetarian & Gluten Free available, typically
contains chicken stock
$6 Warm quinoa with onions and savory herbs Vegan available, typically
contains chicken stock, Gluten Free
$6 Twice baked savory mashed potatoes Vegetarian available, typically
contains bacon
$6 Large fully loaded baked potato Vegan available, typically contains
butter, sour cream, & bacon
$6 Baked comfort-food mac’n cheese Vegetarian available, typically
contains bacon
$6-7 Assorted pasta side dishes Gluten Free available in the form of
rice pasta
$15-20 Fresh housemade breads and rolls for 10
Entrées (protein servings 6-7oz.):
$8 Crispy Panko chicken breast
$8 Savory garden veggie lasagna: vegetarian, turkey, or beef Vegetarian
$10 Cajun shrimp, chicken & Andouille jambalaya Gluten Free available
$10 Roasted salmon with green herbs Gluten Free
$11 Grilled steak on a bed of arugula & parmesan Gluten Free
$14 Cobb dinner salad, very well dressed Vegetarian & GF available,
typically contains eggs, bacon & croutons

Entrée toppers (as additions to hearty side dishes or to complement
entrée selections. Protein servings 3-4 oz.):
$4 Baked chicken breast Gluten Free
$5 Crispy Panko chicken breast
$5 Grilled or scampi-style shrimp, 4-5 pieces Gluten Free
$6 Pan seared salmon or steak strips Gluten Free
$7 Crispy Panko salmon
$7 Pan seared pork medallions Gluten Free
$12 Pan seared sashimi grade ahi Gluten Free

Desserts…the possibilities are endless… just ask!
$35 Light and fluffy West Coast Cheesecake Vegetarian (serves 8-12)
$30 Portland cream ale chocolate cake w/ Bailys frosting Vegetarian
(serves 12)
$20 Seasonal fruit galette Vegetarian (serves 6-8)

* = contains nuts. Please note, we are very careful to clean and manage
our kitchen, but cannot guarantee zero contaminates to nuts, milk,
gluten or other allergens. Please specify dietary needs prior to
ordering so we can take care of the needs of you and your guests.